Secrets Behind Making Your Man Fall in Love with You

If you are interested in a guy you are always thinking about how to make him love you. Your head is always planning strategies to make him fall in love with you. You might know for sure that you are in love but there might be no clue as to whether he has the same feeling for you. In this article you can know about the secrets behind what will make him fall for you, and you will feel more confident.

(1) Your Appearance

Always be presentable and well dressed. Dont be shabbily dressed or think you might not meet him today. Dress as if you will be meeting him every day. Dont try to over dress or present yourself in full make up. Be natural and try to be comfortable in whatever you wear. Take special care in grooming and love yourself first before you want others to love you.

(2) Your Confidence

Most men fall in love with self-confident, secured and bold women. Women who are insecure and lack confidence tend to make men feel uncomfortable as they will always depend on them and expect much from them. So whatever you do try to have confident and always have a self esteem and be proud of who you are.

(3) Your Visibility

Always try to be in the right places so that you can be visible to your man. Be in places where he might easily see you and always pretend that you are there by chance and not deliberately. Make it look and feel as if it is casual. Scientifically it is proven that the more someone sees, feels and is in the vicinity of someone there is more chance of someone falling and getting in love. So be there around him and make a point to make him look at you every time you pass by.

(4) Vanishing Act

The next biggest secret after creating a comfort level with him is to vanish. Once you know he is looking at you and has special liking for you, just disappear from his sight and keep away. Let him keep wondering and searching for his lady love. The more he starts missing you the more he will try other ways and means to contact you like SMS, call or emails. So wait patiently until you get a buzz in your mail box or mobile.

(5) Eye Contact/Keep in Touch

Eyes are windows to someone’s heart and mind. So look through his eyes and see his love flashing like stars. Dont forget to give courtesy calls and be very polite and poised and never show whats in your mind until he opens up. Once you are sure of his love try to keep him busy with you or thinking of you all the time by messaging or mailing him how much you miss him and what a great time you had with him last night. Always create a ray of better things to come and much better things to expect from you.

The secrets is make the man feel comfortable whenever you have the chance or a date with him and in no time it is not hard to make him fall in love with you.