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What to Look for in a Commercial Kitchen Drain

Kitchens used for mass food production are known as commercial kitchens. They are mainly used for business purposes. Proper installation of these kitchens is important to ensure that they are working efficiently. There are some specific features that people should ensure are available in their commercial kitchens. This is to ensure proper functioning. One of the most important is an efficient drainage system. It will thus be easy for people to clean the kitchens. The drainage systems should be up to some standards.

Floors should be made slip resistant when setting up the drainage systems. This is to prevent people from falling from time to time. Having a slip resistant floor is also necessary to ensure that cleaning is done effectively. It will be easy for people to scrub the floor when washing. These floors also dry up fast and do not hold dirt fast. It is also easy to move around in the kitchen.

Commercial kitchens should have different types of drainage for different types of wastes. The drainage systems used should be those that allow easy flow of wastes. There should be separate drainage systems for liquids and solid wastes. This is to prevent clogging of these drainage systems. The uses of various drains should be indicated by marking them. Pumps should also be available to help in unblocking of clogged pipes. Operating them is also made simpler.
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Installation of grease traps should be done to prevent grease and particles from entering the drainages. Qualified plumbers should be sought to help with the installation of these traps. They are mostly used in drains where the wastes are treated before being released. The fats and oils used in these kitchens will thus not get into main sewers. To avoid stench in the kitchens, the grease traps should also be cleaned regularly.
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The sinks in the commercial kitchens should be allocated for different uses. Those used for cleaning foods should not be used to wash hands. This is to ensure that proper hygiene is maintained in the kitchens. It will also work well in helping people to meet the health standards set by different countries. Metals used for making the sinks should be resistant to corrosion by water. This is to prevent their damage. A lot of money will also not be spent in constant replacement of these sinks.

The kitchen drains should only be set up by qualified contractors. They will thus get quality drains. They will also be advised on the best types of drains to have and how they should be installed. By looking up the internet, people will be able to get information on the right types of drains. They can then select the best.