A Beginners Guide To Cleaners

A Quick Guide to Home Cleaning

House cleaning is the deliberate removal of waste products as a result of human activities within a house. It involves placing all household items and furniture in their designated spaces. It is a critical process that helps remove germs from the household environment. Parts of the house that can be cleaned include wall, floor and household furniture just to mention but a few. It involves washing of both home laundry and utensils.

For effective house cleaning, one has to make a careful plan of how to do so through the use of a written checklist. Cleaning of a household should follow the top to bottom approach. By this I mean that an individual should start by dusting shelves, windows, photo frames and television sets.

All furniture in the household should then be vacuumed clean so as to remove remnant dirt particles that could be hiding in cracks and crevices. If it is one’s preference to achieve a more distinct look; he can clean the surfaces of the floor, windows, and furniture. After polishing has been done the windows, furniture and floor surfaces are left shining.

The floor should only be sterilized after cleaning of the upper surfaced, and vacuuming of upholstered furniture has been done. One should start cleaning a room from the farthest corner and finish cleaning at the room entrance. To get a clean floor at the end of the day one has to use disinfectant detergent and clean water and mop.

Kitchens and bathrooms need special attention during a cleaning exercise. In the case of a kitchen space, all kitchen cabinets should be cleaned so as to keep off cockroaches. Food residues have to be wiped off from kitchen stove surfaces. All cooking pans have to be soaked in clean water, and a microwave’s interior carefully cleaned. One then has to wipe the kitchen sink thoroughly. To leave the kitchen area clean, its floor is then washed using detergent, clean water and mop.

Due to the nature of the bathroom, it is cleaned using a different approach as it is equipped with a variety of accessories. First and foremost, every foreign object has to be removed from the bath tab. The bathroom mat is scrubbed with soapy water and then rinsed on the bath tab surface.

Lastly the entire bathroom accessories are scrubbed, rinsed with clean water then dried. The bathroom’s floor space is wiped clean and dried using a clean mop. Attention to detail enables one to achieve a very clean and organized home environment.

A clean home is a safe haven to its occupants since it is fresh, neat and orderly and they feel comfortable in it. It is of importance for one to inhabit a house that is clean and healthy.
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