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Tips for Finding a Good Lawyer

With a high number of practicing lawyers in the U.S. nowadays, finding one who perfectly meets your legal needs will not be easy. Word-of-mouth and referrals are the best ways to find a good attorney. There are wide variations the skill level and expertise of every lawyer, so recommendations from people you personally know are valuable as you search for quality legal talent.

The type of legal problem you have will dictate the type of lawyer you have to hire. Majority of these professionals focus their practice on a specific legal area, like family law, employment law, bankruptcy, etc. Hence, you must retain a lawyer whose experience and expertise are a match to your requirements.

Below are the best ways to find a competent lawyer:
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Personal Referrals and Word-of-Mouth
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As previously mentioned, the best way to find a lawyer is through word-of-mouth as well as personal referrals. Your friends, relatives, colleagues or even neighbors have no vested interest in recommending certain attorneys they have worked with in the past. Of course, you want to make sure that you hire someone who specializes in the area of law that is required for your case.

Bar Associations

You can also look for a lawyer in your area by checking with your local bar association. A lot of county and city bar associations provide lawyer referral services as well to those who would like some assistance with their search.

Other Attorneys

Lawyers can usually recommend other attorneys who can help you with your particular needs. Legal communities are rather small, and lawyers would usually know plenty of other lawyers who are specialists in the area you need need help with. Lawyers are also aware the reputations of other lawyers in particular fields of practice. Keep in mind though that lawyers typically receive referral fees when referring a case to another lawyer, which means their recommendations may be somehow influenced by this.

The Internet

Many for-profit directories on the Internet provide search vehicles that you can use to find a lawyer. And it’s good that they’re rather easy to find Check review websites as well to know what people are saying about certain lawyers.

Legal Assistance Services

If you really need a lawyer but you know you can’t afford one, you should approach your your local legal aid office, where they offer free or pro bono legal assistance to those who need it for a non-criminal case. Check your phone directory’s white pages, or just take your search online, where the results will come to you much faster. Legal services are just like any other product or service available: smart consumers know they have to research before they buy anything.

Lastly, the moment you’ve secured referrals of lawyers who are specialists in your case, make sure you research each candidate’s background thoroughly.